Influenster LOVE VoxBox!

Hey ladies!

I am way overdue on updating this blog… I am so sorry! Finally getting around to posting about some of the great things we got in March„, it was a great month for Beauty Boxes!

I was lucky enough to be surprised with the LOVE VoxBox from Influenster! If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, here’s the lowdown: It’s a fantastic community of influential people who receive and rate products from different companies. You log onto the Influenster website and take quizzes and surveys and review products and depensing on your answers and how active you are online and being influential with how you share what you try out, you qualify to receive boxes of FREE PRODUCT! And it;s completely free to sign up. I encourage you ALL to participate in this! It’s a fantastic program that gives very valuable feedback to complanies, and how doesn’t want free goodies? I signed up because I am ALWAYS telling my friends about the new things I pick up, especially if they’re great! If you sign up, let us know in the comments what badges you unlocked and what you’d look forward to getting!


The theme of this box was Love, of course! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. It was full of goodies to get you date ready and a few things to share with your sweetie. Let’s break it down…

-Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler: Stash Tea is located here in Oregon where we are from so I was verypleased to see htis in the box! I am already a big fan of Stash and I love to support local business! The teas in this pack are amazing! There are 9 flavors in this box with two tea bags each. What an awesome freebie! My favorite of the bunch is Wild Raspberry Hibiscus. I cannot get enough of this one! I was so sad there was only two of this flavor. I will be hitting up the Stash Tea store in Bridgeport soon to get my hands on some more!

-Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk: This was a giant chocolate bar, and has definitely become my new favorite. It is so creamy and sweet! They say to share this with your significant other but I definitely kept this to myself. Too good!

-Kiss Nail Dress: I was really excited to see these in my box as I am a beauty and manicure nerd. These are nail stickers that you stick on your nail and file off the excess for an instant, no dry, fabulous manicure in some really fun patterns! I have tried and love the Incoco Nail Appliques which are the same idea and love the idea of having some impressive nail art to display without all the work so I was excited about a more budget friendly option in the Kiss nail dress. These were one of the first things I tried out of my box and I hate to say it, but I was really disappointed with these. The stickers didn’t seem to fit my nail shape well and didn’t have any stretch, I also had a problem filing these down, they were pretty rough after. I took thm off a day later because they were bugging the heck out of me! They left a lot of residue on my nails too after I removed them. Stick to Incoco for your instant nail art needs! :)

-Truvia Natural Sweetener: Let’s be honest here. I drink a good amount of sugar-free Red Bull. The sugar makes me crash hard in the afternoon so I skip it when it comes to energy drinks. I know the artificial sweeteners are atrocious though. Truvia is a sugar substitute that is naturally made and I was thrilled to see this as I have been wanting to try it! I put it in my cup of Stash Tea the other morning and was pleased that it wasn’t overly sweet like most other artificial sweeteners. Definitely give this one a try, you’ll feel a lot better about using it!

-Gillette & Olay Venus Razor: I was SO excited to get this razor! Have you bought a razor in the store? They are so expensive! I was so happy to get this as I needed a new razor and am always on the hunt for a blade that won’t nick the hell out of my legs. This razor is fantastic. It has two moisture bars surrounding the 5 blades for a close shave that doesn’t need shaving cream. I love when I can skip a step! :) The moisture bars are so nice too! Olay moisturizers are already great so it’s no surprise but they left my legs super smooth. Definitely pick this one up, ladies! :)

I also received some great coupons to buy these products as well… score! I was really happy with all but the Kiss Nail Dress. Not a bad deal! Remember it’s completely free to sing up for influenster… and who doesn’t want their voice to be heard?! Make sure to head to and sign up! You definitely don’t want to miss out!

That’s all for now girls… will be back this week to post about Birchbox (Teen Vogue boxes this month… oh they were so good!), Green Grab Bag (AMAZING bag this month too) and Julep Maven! :) Thanks so much for following our blog! Talk to you all soon!

XOXO Amanda and Holly <3

March Madness!!

We have so many great things in store for March! Julep Maven, Vox Box, My Green Grab Bag, and The Look Bag!

XOXO, Holly and Amanda <3

P.S. Can’t wait for Glossy Box (from the UK), to come to the US! Get on their waiting list now so you don’t miss out!

February MyGlam Bag


February? Whah??? Isn’t it March? Yes, you are correct, it is. Please forgive me for procrastinating, I have had a very busy few weeks.

Amanda and I both got MyGlam Bags in February. It was a first for both of us and we were so excited to try a new company. MyGlam is only $10/mo and looked so promising. Sad to say that our MyGlam bags fell short of expectations.

The picture above is my February Glam Bag. You must be wondering why there is no pic of Amanda’s Glam Bag? Well, that is because they were exactly the same. Boo. Truth is, EVERYONE’s Glam Bag is the same. But before I complain too much, let’s go over the products…

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask in Pineapple: A full size of this is costs about $4 at your local drug store.

NYX Roll on Shimmer: An uber glittery full size sample that gets all over the place. I was fortunate enough to get the “Almond” color, while Amanda received a bubble gum pink color that she promptly gave to her friend’s 6 year old daughter. Retail price $4.49.

X Out Shine Control: This was  the highlight of my Glam Bag. X Out is made by the wonderful folks of ProActive skin care. I have used this a few times and I do like it, but frequently just don’t have the time or patience to take the extra step of applying one more layer of product to my face. But that’s my problem, not X Out’s.  A full size of this is only available in the $30 X Out Kit.

Premiere Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask and Moisture Complex: One 2ml sample of each, “Luxury skincare rich in life-enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea waters”. Available on for approx $25 each for 60ml. That means that this is approx $1.60 worth of samples.

NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions $100 Gift Card. Sounds great, right? Until you go to their website and realize that you are still going to have to shell  out about $15 + approx $15 for shipping and you can get the same thing on without a gift card for the same out of pocket expense.

I also got 2 pieces of Ghirardelli chocolates and the cute (but fairly cheap “Glam Bag” it all came in. So it wasn’t THAT BAD. But I’m sure you can now understand our disappointment. when I signed up for MyGlam, their website seemed to feature much more makeup than skin care, and my “Glam Bag” had 3 skin care samples, 1 Non-luxury makeup sample, and one hair care gift card.


 Comes in a cute bag

Some good sized product

Opportunity to try something that would otherwise only be available as part of a package deal

Still only $10 a month


Some cheap drugstore products

Not customized. (what was that beauty  profile for?)

What am I going with a year’s worth of those little bags?

More skincare products, less make up

To credit MyGlam: They are one of the more active posters on Facebook and make a solid effort to communicate and listen to their subscribers.  Have read and participated in many discussions on their page where they are reaching out to people to get their opinions and suggestions. I recently received an email from them stating their commitment to follow through with making changes based on the feedback of their subscribers. I had already cancelled my subscription by then, but I look forward to giving them a second chance after they have some time to get it together. I’m thinking, 4-6 months.

XOXO, Holly and Amanda <3

Portland Women’s Expo: The good, the bad, the beauty bags


Yesterday, Amanda and I attended the Portland Women’s Expo at the Convention Center. Wouldn’t you think and Expo would be at the Expo center? Confusing, I know.

The Expo was set to start at 9:30 or 10, we really weren’t sure because the tickets said 10, their Facebook page said 9:30, and some other post said 9am. We learned from their Facebook page that the first 1000 people would get “Beaumonde Beauty Gift Bags have arrived… 1000 bags filled with specialty makeover products,” quoted from Portland Women’s Expo’s FB page. We got there early so we would be good to go no matter what. By early, I mean like 8:30. Around 9:15 they handed out some pink gift bags filled with brochures and no real swag. Amanda, myself, and some of the other ladies in line were like “These can’t be it, we SAW PICTURES of black bags on FB!” They also starting letting in the first 50 people around that time.

"OK, we must get the black bags inside, maybe we have to go to the Beauty Bar???" The shuffled us in to some seats in front of a small stage and kept announcing that the booths were not opened yet. Then they brought up a couple of speakers, each spoke for about 15 minutes. During the second speaker, someone working the event started handing out the much desired black bags to some of the people sitting down. "I’ll be back for more," she said, and returned a few minutes later with some more bags that she handed out. Not even half of us had been given bags, the lady had promised to come back with more. Where are our damn beauty bags? It’s almost 10 o’clock! The speaker wrapped up, a bunch of us still didn’t have bags and the search was on! Hey, we were special, we got there early, listened to the boring speakers, and waited patiently. I wanted my beauty bag! We started running around to the beauty bar, then back to front door. At the door, we see a huge line of people waiting to get in all holding black bags! WTF?!?! Someone tells us that they have all been given out, you have got to be kidding me! Back to the beauty bar, then back to the door again before we FINALLY get our bags. Life is good again.


                   (Photo courtesy of Portland Women’s Expo FB page)

Now, it was time to move on from the “Beauty Bag Crisis” and enjoy the Expo! We moved to the back so we could get started on the less crowded side. We moved on to the Bandals West Booth so I could bring a pair of shoes I brought to donate for Souls4Soul, a great organization that distributes shoes to people in need in the US and around the world. We had to make sure that we did our good deed for the day, and besides, they were giving out a free pair of slippers to the first 20 people with donations! I was the first person to donate (pats self on the back) and got to pick which color and size slipper I wanted. I chose pink, of course. They are incredibly squishy, fuzzy, comfy, and pink, and I love them! I am wearing them now! Here is a picture of my feet in my new slippers and my adorable kitten, Alice.


From there, we wandered up and down the isles checking out a bunch of spa/salons, walked right place booths for all kinds of different weight loss programs, and some more random booths… HR Block (cool, it’s almost tax day), Verizon (everyone needs a cell phone), a Window company (um sure, whatever), some weird paintball tactical course thing (all women just LOVE paintball… right?). The Army was there with a big climbing tower (I can appreciate that, my Husband recently enlisted in the Navy), they asked if I wanted to climb the tower (which I would have OWNED), but I looked down at my suede high-heeled boots, back at the Army guy and said “In these? I’m ok.” After all, I’m not some super hero chick that can leap tall buildings in stilettos.

More wandering, a little chocolate sampling, entered a few raffles, some free, some not. (Cross your fingers that one of us wins the $500 Nordstrom gift card raffle!) We had pretty well seen it all when I saw a booze booth. Sign me up! I don’t care that’s it’s only 10:45am and it’s Gin, there’s a lot of people/women/drama up in here and I could use a drink! Sorry I can’t give credit to the company, I know they were a local distillery and for Gin, I thought it was pretty good. We picked up a couple of other goodies during our journey through the expo: a nail file from some investment company, a super yummy mango lipgloss made with olive-oil, nail decal, some candy, a couple of pens and pencils, but nothing really amazing. Well, the lip gloss is pretty awesome, it’s made by and makes my lips very happy. I was seriously hoping the swag bags that we hadn’t a chance to look in yet would have some good stuff.

Our final stop at the Expo was the Vault Denim room. They had some good giveaways going and we wanted in, not to mention, super cute jeans! Dang, I just bought 2 pairs of jeans before our trip to Vegas the first week of Feb, can I really justify more? Answer: YES! We both tried on a couple of really nice pairs of jeans and I decided I couldn’t live without a paid of flared, stretch denim, uber-comfortable Ysaiao jeans. Anyone that tried on a pair was given an envelope to open for a chance to win fun prizes, free jeans, discounts, etc. I opened my envelope and found I had one a gift bag! Go me! Go Vault Denim for hooking it up!



This little gem of a bag came with pink and black jeweled hair clip made by Trick or Treat boutique, a yummy little scented votive candle, a full-sized Mary Kay Waterproof Mascara in Black, a sample of the Mary Kay Satin Hands system (softener, scrub, and lotion), and a sample of Boresha BSkinny Latte (meant to provide energy while being low glycemic to avoid the sugar crash). While I’m not really into Mary Kay, I still think this was a great little bag and waterproof mascara can be very convenient during the summer time.

Now, I’m sure you’re dying to know what came in the Beau Monde Beauty Bag?!?!?

I hate to disappoint you all, but it was pretty disappointing! There were a ton of flyers, brochures, business cards etc that I had already got in the pink bag we were given at the beginning (how many trees have to die for this Expo?) As far as samples, well, there were 3. Yep, 3. 1) Avon anti-frizz treatment. 2) Lotion sample from Northrup Station that doesn’t smell great, like something that you get in a hotel (I think maybe this is a hotel) 3) A good sized sample of Wella Extra Volume Styling Mousse. I’m actually a little excited to give that a try, but overall I found my much-anticipated Beauty Bag for be lacking.

Amanda and I still had a fun morning together and discovered a couple of pretty cool things, like the free Oilery chapstick, Vault Denim, and my fab fuzzy slippers! We’ll probaby still go next year, because we are both optimists and hope that the Portland Women’s Expo with get it together and put on something really good, like I hear they have in the past.


XOXO Holly and Amanda <3

P.S. Here is one last pic of the whole haul!


I am obsessed with giveaways this week!

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Ego Faces Cosmetics… TWITTER GIVEAWAYS!

Hey girls!

Have you heard of Ego Faces Cosmetics? They are a fabulous beauty company that is launching an online boutique soon to sell their great products! To celebrate the opening of the boutique they are giving away some of their products on Twitter! I was lucky enough(seriously, I never win ANYTHING!) to win their first giveaway today!

Look what i’ll be getting in the mail!

This is the Good Morning Look Set! Luxury Gloss in Pale Petal and Mineral Matte Blush in Dusk.

Please go check out Ego Faces Cosmetics on Twitter HERE and enter their contest! You may be one of the lucky people to receive some of their fun products! The contests run daily through February 29th. Holly and I will be sure to post a video once I receive the products in the mail and share our review with you so check back soon! And thanks again to Ego Faces for running such a great contest! We can’t wait to try your makeup!

XOXO Amanda and Holly <3

Win a year subscription to Birchbox!

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